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 Why You Should Consider Renting A Party Bus For Your Next Outing?!


There are a few times in life where it is compelling to go all out and throw a huge party!  Even those who might not consider themselves the typical party types, can go all out for a bestie's bachelorette or bachelor party!  There is also nothing wrong with getting together with a few friends for a special outing on the town.  Worry-free is the way to do it ... you are on the right track!! 


When renting and looking into a party bus company ... here are some tips to consider.

1.  Clients need to ask questions before hiring a company. Some people like to "wing it" and, that is not going to work.  All of our drivers are trained on a regular basis.  We make sure our drivers are legit.  We check licenses and records of the past and present.  A lot of crazy things can happen and we make sure your driver will safely transport your party for the night.  We make sure your party can sit back, relax, we will deal with the responsibility of navigating traffic and directions to your next stop to the party.  


2.  All of our vehicles are made to fit a certain number of partiers.  Keep this in mind as you rent and as you invite.  Make sure the number of people you are set to bring matches the size of the bus.  Most parties have 10-14 partiers, We can pull out bigger buses that will seat 18-30 if need be.  Just be sure you have a number in mind when you book.  We like this information ahead of time so we don't have to confuse or agitate (rightfully so) the driver.   


3.  Our clients will always get an agreement with our company.  Whether it be an internet contract e-mailed to you or a paper contract requested by you, you will have one.  


4.  Be sure to know, if you are running late, that doesn't matter.  If you have six hours booked to start at 5 pm, then that's when it starts.  If you foresee an issue with your stated time, be sure to contact us immediately.  If the call is received 4 hours ahead of time, we will try our hardest to accommodate.  


5.  What about changes to the destination or route?  No problem, as long it is the client who is making the changes.  That means the driver cannot and will not accept any changes from anyone else but the person who booked the event!


6.  Some parties are going to have minors.  Not a problem!  We always observe the "no drinking for minors" rule if there are any at the party.  This is a ZERO-Tolerance policy.  The ride ends and the client gets no refund.  We have strict rules about this.

Clients could also be held accountable for breaking the law.  


Special Tips for UNDERAGE renters ... 


1.  Birthday, Prom, or other events including children or young adults can bring drinks if they want. The one thing to avoid is a full menu option. Attendees are going to a birthday party, a prom, or another party event. The last thing a person needs is to fill up on their snack foods before getting there. Most events like birthday parties and prom are going to have a full menu when the attendees arrive.

Fill the bus with things like soft drinks and water, and include light snacks. Most clients are allowed to do that if they communicate with the company before. Sometimes the company provides snacks.

2) Add some music to the mix. Create an atmosphere that echoes the birthday party or prom.  the group is going to. The atmosphere on the bus should get them excited about the party.

3) One final thing to note is about tipping. Clients need to tip at least 15-20% above the base price. Try asking how much is expected before booking. That is going to void confusion and possible awkwardness later.


Please contact our office headquarters for more information on how to request information on our party buses. We offer services in the following locations: Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Anamosa, Belle Plaine, Williamsburg, Riverside, Tiffin, Tipton, Mount Vernon, Lisbon, Solon, Tama, Vinton, Toledo, Des Moines, Bettendorf, Davenport, Muscatine, and Washington.
















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Party Bus Cedar Rapids DD Script

Trying to figure out who Has to be the DD when you go out partying?  Somebody can't be drinking for the night and that is a huge fight every time. I Can't stand waiting on a cab or rideshare to show up when I go out. Plus there is never enough room for everyone to ride together, and you don't want to stay at one bar. You want to all go out together and bar hop all night. It is such a hassle because nobody wants to be the one not partying.

If this sounds all-too-familiar, you’re going to love crpartybus.com.

CrPartyBus.com is the premier bus company in Cedar Rapids that will be the DD so everyone can party.

We take the fight out of who is gonna be the DD for the night. Hop on, Grab a drink, and socialize while going out for the night safely and responsibly. Stress-Free, Ticket Free, and Jail Free.

But that’s not even the best part! We offer multiple party buses to accommodate the number of friends you want to drink with. We ensure that the party is not overloaded to keep you safe.

If all this sounds pretty awesome but you are worried because you think it will cost too much. The flip side is thousands of dollars and an uncomfortable stay in the drunk tank.

To find out just how fun a jail free night can be, go to crpartybus.com now or call 319-600-6699. See you on the bus!

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Party in the Party Bus at Downtown Cedar Rapids.  This is a 40 passenger Bus that will keep you partying all night long.
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